IFPI board member threatens blogger

I really wish I had another way title this post, but mainly a music executive threatened blogger and academic Andrew Dubber’s for his discussion on his criticism of the RIAA (then again who DOESN’T criticize the RIAA?) through the a post on DownloadSquad (read their synopsis of the situation.) Essentially, through online conversation, Dubber posted a conversation he had with Music executive Paul Birtch, new music strategies (site is down, but you can read a copy of it on p2pnet.net), Dubber has a conversation with music executive Paul Birch. This conversation ends with Paul saying:

I shall make a formal complaint to the University. Your choice.

I wish I could explain exactly what I feel about this issue, because of the RIAA’s and music executives continued persistence to entirely control what happens with music. It is also interesting how this issue, comes on the day, 1 month away from the proposed music royalty change for online webcasters. My own feelings lie somewhere between anger and disgust.

Yet another round of great PR for the music industry and another sign of how blind they really are.

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  2. Max Murdock says:

    I don't know how much disgusted we got to be with these guys before stopping buying. I am already.

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