Important SLCC Announcements Made

SLCC ‘07 LogoAs the SLCC approaches, several announcements have been made about the SLCC. The first answers some growing concerns about what behavior or what people are to expect from the SLCC, a SLCC Community Standards Agreement outlines what is to be expected while being at the SLCC (which is fun and respect! These aren’t the forums people!) My co-tract leader of the Social Tract shot out a call list for the tract SL and the media, definitely check it out and see if you fit the bill! Third has been an announcement for those wishing to cover the SLCC from a press or journalistic angle. There have been many requests for the Future United, Inc. from the media, and this Journalistic Credentials and announcement is a great resource to understand what the press has resources to from the Future United, Inc. Two months until the SLCC happens, and things are just ramping up!

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