June 13th – The Gay Prom @ The L Word + more

This Friday’s show is going to be very different than my other weekly shows at The L Word in Second Life. This week in Second Life there is going to be The Gay Prom and in Real Life there is going to be a house party in Brooklyn, NY! I’ll be mixing live at a Brooklyn House Party as some of the women who are a part of the L Word Community are going to celebrate Maia Dutton’s Birthday (who also organized the trip to NYC)! While that is going on, in Second Life @ The L Word, The Gay Prom will proceed (think it’s just like your High School Prom) which is a apart of Altoids Gay Pride Month on The L Word in Second Life. The festivities in world and in real life begin at 5pm Pacific (or Second Life Time)/8pm Eastern (or Brooklyn Time)! This is going to be a fun, interesting, and reality crossing gig!

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