Second Skin Website is Updated

The guys over at Pure West Documentaries have a new design for their upcoming film “Second Skin”, and it looks really really cool (and a whole lot more organized!) While there are a lot of upcoming documentaries, films, and projects about virtual worlds (and Second Life), the PWD’s are taking a broader look and talking about all MMO’s, not just Second Life, but World of Warcraft, Everquest, etc, etc, etc. Unlike the other documentaries I’ve seen though, Second Skin really asks the question about the people engaged in these worlds and “whose lives have become transformed by virtual worlds.”

It seems that they are coming along home stretch at the moment, as June – August has them running all over the place (go for it guys!). To read more about Second Skin, visit the website at and check out their blog, there is some really great things there (including a picture of Peter and cake!)

Disclaimer: I am in this documentary, so I may be a bit biased. While I have gotten to know the guys, spend time with them, become their friends, I really believe that their film is going to be a real insight into the world of MMO’s and those who inhabit it. I am really excited about their doc!

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