SLCC Live Musician Slot Open until July 4th!

Nethermind has posted on the SLCC Blog that Flaming Moe, one of the well known live musicians in Second Life, has taken an opportunity to play saxophone on an European cruse ship for the next six months (way to go Moe!) Moe is a very talented Saxophonist and I was really interested in hearing the collaboration between him and DJ Doubledown during the Masquerade on Saturday night. It is a loss not to have Flaming Moe at the Second Life Community Convention this year, I’m really happy for any person that is able to get a great opportunity musically!

This also causes a matter of an open slot in the live musician performances for the SLCC. As Nethermind writes:

If you are an instrumentalist, able to read music and accompany other musicians, and if you’d like to join the other 29 musicians who will be performing for an international audience both in Chicago and online, please submit your audition MP3 as follows:
1. Audition MP3s should be no longer than 10 minutes (9 MB) in length; mixing a variety of selections within that single MP3 is encouraged.
2. All MP3s must be emailed to Nethermind Bliss: nethermind [at] gmail [dot] com no later than JULY 4th, 2007 at midnight SLT.
3. Please include your SL name with your audition and the best email address by which to reach you.

Announcement of the new musician will be made on the SLCC Blog no later than midnight PDT on July 5th, 2007. For all of the information, check out the post on the Official Second Life Community Convention Blog.

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