The Guide to Online DJing (now in beta!)

For the past year I’ve been working on a wiki that describes how to DJ Online. As each month passes small steps small steps are made with the Wiki, something gets edited, a screen shot is updated, things are investigated for accuracy. Now, with the meat of the Wiki in place, I would like to think of it in beta format. There has been a few more updates to the Winamp and Sam Broadcaster sections, a few edits here and there, but it almost feels like a complete base.

I decided to take on this project (with the help of the other apex-high studio. members) to provide an easy guide on how to DJ, something that someone could follow to gather the basic information about online DJing. At first I was indecisive of whether to make it a Wiki or a Blog or something else, but I decided a Wiki platform is appropriate mainly because of it’s ease to update and interlink articles of information. Platform after platform failed as the Online DJ Wiki is being hosted on Zoho Wiki, a simple and easy to use WYSIWYG Wiki system. At the rate I’m going, I am planning for an official release in mid-July. Lets hope all goes well. Feel free to check on the project at!

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