Trouble Everyday Enters Second Life

On June 8th, 9pm Eastern (or 6pm Second Life Time) Trouble Everyday, the native Philadelphia band of Kyle Costill, Darren Morze, Mike the Dude and Brian Sprenger, and will be performing in Second Life. They will also be selling their album, “On the Way to Disaster” in Second Life for $L 2000 (which is about $6 USD).

I was introduced to them by my good friend FlipperPA Peregrine, and really do like their take on indie, punk, rock music (I have also received my promo/demo CD from them to expect to hear a lot more about them from me!) What makes this event cool is that Trouble Everyday is an indie band extending the music space from just a live performance, but to the virtual concert space.

To join in festivities in Second Life there will be three listening locations: Phreak Isle, Indigo (90, 90) and Olive (240,240). Or listen through Phreak Radio.

To read the full press release, check out The Virtual Jennyfur (Jennyfur Peregrine’s blog).

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  1. Looks good Nex! Thanks for the promo plug!

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