Trouble Everyday – On The Way to Disaster

Trouble Everyday - On the Way to DisasterOff of their recent concert in Second Life, Trouble Everyday is coming to Brooklyn to perform at the Luna Lounge, performing songs from their recent album “On the Way to Disaster.”

Trouble Everyday is a mixture of sounds, part punk rock, part hard rock, part modern “pop/rock”. What’s really interesting about the band is the combination of their hard vocals with the softer rock sound. An example is “Written in Snakes”, listening to this song I’m expecting more of a Soundgarden feel, but they hold true to their hard vocals. Track 8, “It Has to Stop” is the song that really jumps out of me on the album, even with the great drum in “Cacellation” and amazing style on “You Are What You Believe”, “It Has to Stop” in my opinion, shows the versatility of the band, mixing a great sound with vocals, only to pick up.

I would recommend checking Trouble Everyday on myspace at and purchasing their album “On the Way to Disaster”. If you are in the New York City area, check them out at the Luna Lounge on June 26th at 8:30pm!

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