Two Months Till SLCC 2007

SLCC ‘07 LogoThe clock ticks closer and closer to the Second Life Community Convention, which just means that while things have been crazy in setting up the conference, the next two months, everything gets kicked into overdrive! The Second Life Community Convention ’07 is going to be bigger, and more complex than last year, rather than just 1 tract, it is going to have 4 tracts, complete with DJ’s, Live Musicians, and a Masquerade Ball. This year, I haven’t a clue what to expect, but it’s just wild craziness, (see the evidence from last year)! My job has really been a lot of the background work (lets just say dealing with the IRS is not fun!), and co-run the Social Tract (which Nethermind has been doing so much more of an awesome job then I have!)

This year, SLCC happens in Chicago, IL, and there are plenty of registration spaces left (so go, register, come and enjoy by clicking here!) and it is all taking place at the Hilton Hotel (to get a room at the Hilton, click here!). Also in Second Life there are in world Kiosk and information booths (poke myself or one of the other organizers for one), and plans for an in world conference and activities (although they are unknown at the moment). For complete information about Chicago, the area, and how to get there, check out this great Convention and Travel Info that Madame Maracas has made up (being a Chicagoan herself).

Keep up to date with all of the SLCC news at Two months away, and I can’t wait!

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