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New Weekly Show – The Tuesday Mix @ the high.

Tuesdays @ the high. have returned. Starting tomorrow, 7/31/07, I’ll be doing a live show called “The Tuesday Mix” @ the high. in Second Life where I’ll will be live mixing all sorts of music including trip-hop, downtempo, house, and … Continue reading

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Karaoke @ The L Word

August is going to be a very interesting month on the L Word. On August 3rd (from 9 to 10 pm EST/ 6-7pm PDT), August 11th (from 3 to 4pm EST/12 to 1pm PDT) and August 16 (8 to 9pm EST/5 to 6pm PDT) the girls on The L Word [edit: in Second Life, not the actual actresses] will be testing their singing voices with the First Look Voice Viewer in Second Life. During these events those participating in the events will be able to sing to their favorite songs using as karaoke is attempted (we’ll see how good… or bad it goes! 🙂 ). In order to participate, you need to be at The L Word Sim during the days of L Word Karaoke, and have the Second Life Voice First Look Viewer installed and tested for use. So get ready and be prepared for singing (even poorly) your favorite songs! Continue reading

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GridStream Productions turns 5 Years Old!

When I started to DJ online, it was with GridStream Productions, one of the first and major game dedicated online radio stations. I have many fond memories of my time there, including DragonCon Conferences, other parties, things I’ve learned from the group. It was last year that I left, after my three year stint with the group and I’m happy to see that the radio station has remained active in its community. It is one of the few things that I feel developers and content creators in online worlds miss, how to develop or enhance community related things such as player based radio stations.
GridStream Productions begins their five year anniversary today at 8pm Eastern and it goes throughout the next 5 days (5 years = 5 day party). They haven’t posted a full schedule of what DJ is doing what where and when, but check out their calendar and tune in, it should be an interesting fun five days for them.

Also, congrats GridStream! Hope you guys stay alive over there! Continue reading

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The SLCC Update – 1 Month Away

With about four weeks to go for the SLCC is things are getting a wee bit chaotic. At this moment a few updates went out through the official blog that:

  1. The conference rate at the hotel is no longer available. It’s sold out!
  2. If you have registered for the SLCC, great, if you have registered and not payed for the SLCC, do so immediately. Spaces for the conference is getting very, very narrow!
  3. There’s also news that sponsorships for this year’s conference is CLOSED! If you want to sponsor, 2008 is very open!

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Millions of US SLCC 2007 Contest

Millions of Us announces a contest for free SLCC 2007 registration for August 24th to 26th, 2007. Continue reading

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Online DJ Wiki moved!

The Online DJ Wiki, a project I’ve started some time ago, has moved from the host at ZohoWiki to its own domain,! This wiki was created at first as a resource for other Second Life’ers to learn how to … Continue reading

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NF Radio: New Music for July 16th, 2007

This week I’ve added 5 really great tracks to NF Radio, all of them are dance/house. One of the tracks I really can’t get out of my head, it is Zombie Girl – Creepy Crawler. Something about its hard beat and industrial sound has gotten me, it may find even more airplay on my regular shows. Also I found two really great trance songs I have not heard in forever, Cygnus X’s Poitron and Superstring (which I first heard on the Atlantis album), brings me back to want to rave all over again.

Here are this weeks tracks that have been added to the NF Radio playlist!

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Episode 14 – On the Inside, Jennyfur and FlipperPA Discuss the SLCC

Much kudos to two two of my dear friends and the two who have really been the crux of the SLCC talk about SLCC, one sock days, and other issues in Second Life on Second Life Insider’s Podcast “On The Inside, Episode 14“. It’s fun listen! Continue reading

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Royalty Rate Threat Averted!

For DJ’s who play music in Second Life and have been worried about the Roaylty CRB decision, congratulations, we are saved! A lot of political pressure and support to campaigns such as SaveNetRadio have really helped the recent decision of … Continue reading

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Preparing for the Worse: Internet Broadcasting Alternatives – Part 3

With the deadline till the royalty rates for Internet broadcasters nears, I’ve been covering the different options that are available say a deal does not get done. Some bad news was announced earlier today as the courts denied the ‘motion … Continue reading

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