Karaoke @ The L Word

August is going to be a very interesting month on the L Word. On August 3rd (from 9 to 10 pm EST/ 6-7pm PDT), August 11th (from 3 to 4pm EST/12 to 1pm PDT) and August 16 (8 to 9pm EST/5 to 6pm PDT) the girls on The L Word [edit: in Second Life, not the actual actresses] will be testing their singing voices with the First Look Voice Viewer in Second Life. During these events those participating in the events will be able to sing to their favorite songs using as karaoke is attempted (we’ll see how good… or bad it goes! 🙂 ). In order to participate, you need to be at The L Word Sim during the days of L Word Karaoke, and have the Second Life Voice First Look Viewer installed and tested for use. So get ready and be prepared for singing (even poorly) your favorite songs!

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