All-American Rejects in Anarchy Online

Interesting news from over in Anarchy Online. Fumcom, the makers of AO, have gotten All-American Rejects to perform a concert in world on August 12th, 2007 at 3pm EST. If your not going to be able to make it GridStream Productions will be rebroadcasting the event.

While concerts in online worlds are not anything new (see, it is going to be interesting to see how Anarchy Online and GridStream handle this feat. For those unfamiliar with GridStream will more than likely have to use a broadcasting software to tune in (as Anarchy Online does not support audio streaming as a part of its client). EDIT: I was corrected by my friend, DJ Meenstreek of GSP – so it seems that AO will be using their already existing advertisement system to pump sound in. As mentioned below, there will be two television screens in the area of the concert (which will be in ICC), and it will display the concert as well provide audio. GridStream Productions will be rebroadcasting the audio over their airwaves for those who are unable to support such audio or even make it inside of Anarchy Online. Also unlike or Second Life, there isn’t any content creation in Anarchy Online and it will be interesting to see how the character models, guitar equipment, animations for the band will look like. Edit: it’s also unsure if the band members will be in Anarchy Online, which personally I think would be a bummer! The upside is that, unlike Second Life, you can hold a billion more people in one area, even instancing (or create look a likes) of the same area.

This will be a real test of how an MMOG (not just an MMO), handles such a feat.

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  1. Greetins Nexeus :). The concert will be held in the ICC Conference Hall or the Con-Plex as GSP has deemed it so. There are 2 huge video screens in there and you will be able to hear the concert through the game itself. You just need to turn your game sounds on. As for the non-North American people who aren't able to view the concert I will be rebroadcasting it through the GSP Servers live so those people can tune in and listen. I'm not sure if the All-American Rejects are going to actually be logged in as characters in the game though. Would be cool to see them though heh.

  2. Hey Meenie! Thanks for that additional e-mail, you know I actually did forget that the in-world ad system supports sound!

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