Friendships in Chicago!

I’ve been in Chicago for a few days and currently working on some final preparations for the SLCC! While I was in Chicago, I really wanted to make it a point to enjoy my time with friends and those who I have met throughout the years. One of my best friends DJ Decavolt (a DJ brother of mine) and his girlfriend KitKat live in Chicago and I have been hanging out with him and his girlfriend for the past few days. Not only have they been amazingly gracious hosts, but it’s great to see what he has done in the past year and change. Decavolt is one of the three people who spearheaded Club 138 (which is in Second Life) and Underfriend Radio, a primarily punk and hard rock based venue and radio station.

Not only has the time been an amazing time to hang out with friends, but so many great ideas, thoughts, memories and lessons have been learned from this entire experience. Being in Chicago, hanging out with Deca, and participating in a few of his normal streamed routines (I’m featured in a recent episode of Suckerpunch, a podcast that discusses a variety of topics and squealing along with co-hosting the Maelstrom tonight!), has brought back a sort of kinship that I remember having among other DJ’s in the past. My time here has also brought a bunch of great new ideas, tons of enjoying the Chicago locations, and accidentally spitting some toothpaste uncontrollably (thanks Kat!)!

Anyway, the Maelstrom is starting now, tune in by going tune in!

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  1. Yo Nex

    Not gonna make, stuck in NYC!!! Dammit

    Represent Virtaulive for me, we got good feedback on the deck 🙂

  2. things to do says:

    Thank you! This is what I want to find.

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