Event: 2007 Jewlery Expo – September 15th – 22nd, 2007

Second Life 2007 Jewelry Expo
This week I’ll be doing several events for the 2007 Jewlery Expo in Second Life sponsored by OnRez. As posted by Jade Lilly, The Jewlery Expo is:

a week-long showcase of more than 70 of Second Life’s jewelry designers, taking place from September 15 to September 22. It includes designer-run events and an ongoing treasure hunt, and it culminates in a charity auction to benefit the American Red Cross.
Some of the designers include Fallingwater Cellardoor, Dnel DaSilva, Cailyn Miller, Ameshin Yossarian, Arkesh Baral, Helen Dayton, and many many more!
Stop by OnRez Orientation island to get your Shop on!

I’ll be performing for the expo on September 16th – 18th, 19th, and 21st from 9 – 11pm EST/6 – 8pm PDT (Second Life Time). For up to the minute details, follow my twitter or join the Nexeus Fatale Event Group in Second Life.

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