Event List – Saturday September 15th, 2007

Real to Second Life Progression

Saturday is becoming interesting. Due to really weird and a crazy DJ Schedule, I’m doing 3 events in 3 hours! Each one different, unique and well, a whole hell of fun!

First at 4pm EST/1pm PDT (Second Life Time) is Phoenix Chapman’s and Emme Mannonen’s barbeque party at their new home on a lake (it’s actually pretty damn cool!). It’s a fall theme, so come dressed in that manner, and it’s also celebrating Emme’s birthday! (YAY!) It’s going to start off as Hip-Hop and end up as house! (SLURL)

Next at 5pm EST/2pm PDT is a Downtempo/Chill mix at Club Connected, ran by Kirsty Hawkshaw in Second Life who I met at the SLCC! She’s seriously very cool and I’m honored to be there (and I promise I’ll be doing events a bit more often there!) Note: These events are filmed so coming to the event YOU WILL be filmed, and possibly made into a video! It’s a White Party, so you should come dressed in all white… with ice skates and a chainsaw (seriously!) This party goes from Deep House – Downtempo! (SLURL)

Then at 6pm EST/3pm PDT is Karaoke Hour at The L Word Amphitheatre where we’ll be using the SL Voice client and seeing how well you sing over music! So you choose the song, sing, and I listen along! It’s more about audience participation than DJ participation! Come on over! (SLURL)

Am I going to be busy on Saturday, one word, YES! (But it will be fun!)

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