MTV Casting Call: I Live Another Life on the Web

Earlier last week I’ve received a message from a casting director for the MTV Documentary Series “True Life”. Something quite interesting, they are seeking people who leads a double internet life in either Second Life, World of Warcraft or The Sims Online. Take a look at their casting call below and see if you would be an appropriate fit for their piece! Good luck!

MTV True Life: I Live Another Life on the Web

Do you sometimes feel as if you’re living a double life? Do you have one identity in your everyday life, but a different one when on-line? Does your virtual avatar make you feel confident behind your computer screen? Are you famous online but feel like you’re invisible in real life? Are you completely different off line than you are online?

If so, we want to hear from you. We are casting males and females ages 18 – 28 from anywhere in the US.

Please send name, photo, phone number, and best time to be reached to

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2 Responses to MTV Casting Call: I Live Another Life on the Web

  1. moo Money says:

    I spoke with this lady for weeks and nothing ever came of it even though she claimed to be really interested. This was all the way back in like JULY! The last I heard from her, they were running late on a shoot for the episode before this one and would film in August. Guess that didn't happen. I don't know how much I'd believe them this time around.

  2. I do believe them, I think though that they are having a problem finding exactly what they are looking for from Second Life. It can be really hard to find someone who feels entirely different in SL than in RL, especially when the average age of residents hovers near 30.

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