Nexeus v. Millions of Us

Last week I wrote a post about some of my experiences as a contractor in Second Life. The purpose of this article was to provide some tips for those who are contracting in Second Life and to compare how different groups and relationships work while contracting in Second Life. In retrospect the article seems very much like a Nexeus v. Millions of Us post (being that I had a really bad experience with them.) I will admit, yes a part of the reasoning for the post was to help clear up any issues with them but I also had other motives (nothing evil, I promise!)

Well a week has passed and I have to say that MoU has not only has taken responsibility but also rectified the problem. I’m not talking about just receiving a payment but also restoring trust and integrity with a person you consult with. While I am not going to or at liberty to say what those things were, what was said, but I will say that I am going to continue to work with Millions of Us on future projects and yes they have taken major steps in restoring my faith in contracting with them now but also in the future.

So much in the same way that I called MoU out last week, I wanted to thank them in the same way for address the situation seriously and making the necessary remedy! (Also yes the post title is VERY Deceiving!)

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