Quick Site Design Updates

My background lies in web development and programming. Ever since I’ve started to design web pages, I’ve hated having to do designs for Internet Explorer. Things just break, period. There’s no way around it and there’s always some form of funny code or table making or silliness that has to be done. After checking this site in IE 7, I’ve realized that the poor Internet Explorer viewers (all 40% of you) were seeing a messed up design. Nexeusfatale.com was designed using WordPress, and there was a design mix up with one of the widget systems and the 30boxes badge that I have been using. Without getting into the nitty gritty, it was time to do some design updates, to reintegrate search into the web page, to change the font size and style and to make a few other adjustments. So now not only you Internet Explorer users (who should really be using Firefox) can see everything correctly, but the webpage does not break as easily! I still have some adjustments to make, such as a contact me page (which would REALLY be handy) better banner placement (see below) and maybe a theme color update (who knows).

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