Weekend Tech-Warrior

First let me apologize to those who were unable to access the site, feed, during the past 24 hours, this past weekend rather than cleaning the car, going hiking, or checking out what’s in the garage, I did what many tech’s do during their weekend… and upgraded! A tech weekend warrior consists of updating databases, moving domain names around, and upgrading, upgrading, upgrading (all which went very well). I’ve been very quiet on a few things mainly because during this past weekend, I took several initiatives to do just that, upgrade, and to become much more efficient then I have been in the past. A few projects (including the Online DJ Wiki) have had to be placed on hold until several other major issues were laid to rest. One month from SLCC and those things have been done. With that said, I’ve promised a few people certain projects and would like to shed light on their roadmap, progress, etc if you will:

  • Online DJ Wiki (currently at www.onlinedjwiki.com)- In about a month the “core” content should be available again for the site. I’ve decided to take the time gather as much detailed information as possible before adding it to the wiki. Right now I am the only person editing and making changes to it – I do expect that to change in the near future (possibly in early 2008) as it becomes more of a community based resource
  • apex-high studio. – has been fairly quiet, but in actuality there has been a lot of movement. apex-high studio. includes the Conflict of Interest Podcast, the DJ Tool Tower, and the previously mentioned Online DJ wiki. A lot of development of a few applications, products, and chances are coming soon to apex-high studio. including something called the “open-source vendor”. I do keep on promising a new code release to the dj tool, and yes it is coming – there has been major issues in the new request management system that I’ve finally figured out and going to continue to re-develop.
  • nf mix – is my podcast of mixed independent and submitted music. At first I wanted to do this weekly only to realize that a monthly podcast would be better suited. Next week a new release of the nf mix will occur (including some SL based artists!) If anyone wants to submit their music for consideration of the podcast, send me an e-mail at dj [at] nexeusfatale DOT com.

There is many more things that I’m working on (such as SLCC ’08), that are going to have some pretty cool announcements being made soon! So if you ever wondered what I did during the weekend now you know, I write up roadmaps (well and watch football, damn Jets!)

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