The Holiday Season – DJing for a Cause (DJ Services Free For A Cause)

This holiday season I’ve wanted to find an interesting way to give to others or help raise awareness important causes. After the success of the ASpiRE! Pink Charity Ball, the idea became crystal clear. Although With the official holiday season about a month away I’ve decided this year I would like to start my own initiative called DJing for a Cause. Throughout the holiday season I am offering to donate my DJing services to any group, event, foundation or individuals who are holding an event for a meaningful cause. These events must be philanthropic in nature (such as fund raising) and has to embody the Holiday theme of giving to others.

As a DJ, we have the ability to place an emphasis on issues that impact our world, our society, and provide much needed attention to important issues such as help for the homeless, natural disaster aid, and aid to important health issues such as cancer, AIDS/HIV, and Altheimer’s. Second Life has such the potential to bring awareness, help and really focus on new, creative ways to help those needs (a great example is the Second Life – Relay for Life). This initiative, DJing for a Cause, is really my way of giving back in a new creative way that really shines the attention on issues that often get lost in the daily virtual (or even real life) grind. While this initiative will start in Second Life, I hope in the future it expands to a much larger audience (then again my goals are lofty!)

If you have an event that you are interesting in using my services and it matches the requirements for the DJing for a Cause Initiative, send a message via the contact page and select the “DJing for a Cause” option or send me a message in Second Life. After contact, the appropriate arrangements will be made.

This holiday season let’s see if we can’t help but to give back.

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7 Responses to The Holiday Season – DJing for a Cause (DJ Services Free For A Cause)

  1. rikomatic says:

    What a truly generous offer. I'm always happy to catch you DJing, in the real world or the virtual one. And for a good cause how could I miss it?

    Folks, jump on this opportunity while Nexeus still has slots open in his calendar!

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  5. In Kenzo says:

    Thanks for doing this! You are welcome @ AMO anytime.

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