DJing for a Cause – Update!

As the holiday season approaches, I wanted to provide a quick update on my DJing for a Cause initiative that I announced in late October. There has been a bunch of news/updates about it (thank you to all who contributed to the news outpour!) and just as much interest from organizers. At the moment, there are two definite events, two possible events (one of them I need to respond to), and a handful of great ideas that maybe can happen or be rolled into one huge holiday event (who knows). While I wish I could announce names, group participants, until all of the details are solidified, I won’t be making any such announcement as of yet. I am hoping that before the Thanksgiving holiday I will be able to announce two of the four upcoming events – with the other two hopefully announced after the holiday season.

With this initiative, it is my every intention to track what happens, to provide an avenue for further support and awareness for the organizations, causes, and groups who participated in the holiday round. I am also planning to extend the initiative beyond the Holiday season (more on that much, much, later) and beyond just myself.

It is my hope that more organizations, people, and causes are helped through this project. There are so many great organizations, non-profits, and individuals who want to highlight an important cause, some which require all of the attention we as individuals can give it.

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