Entrepreneur’s Guide to Second Life Review and Launch Party!

Daniel Terdiman’s book The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Second Life is a very good introduction into starting a business in Second Life. With interviews from experts to tips and tricks on how to market products in Second Life, the book does a very good job in detailing how others have succeeded and the needs in having a thriving business in Second Life. What he does not tell you is how to make items, which it is beyond the scope of the book, but the subject of Aimee Weber’s recent book Creating Your World: The Official Guide to Advanced Content Creation for Second Life. While at first I thought the book was meant for beginners, it is really intended for anyone, newbs or Second Life seasoned veterans, as to how to better market your products, pitfalls to avoid in certain areas, and honest about where the energy is in Second Life about making money. Factually, the book also seems pretty solid; although there’s one area I wish Daniel had gotten a bit deeper into the Future Business Opportunities, his last chapter. A lot of the conversation seems to be dominated around how much sculpties (sculpted prims) are going to change Second Life – while fact or fiction – Daniel makes is very clear that sculpties are going to change the building landscape. I feel that the future of Second Life, while it may be impacted by sculpties, goes a bit beyond content creation and may have to deal with a more service industry. I do like the book, although my view may be jaded (I am feature in the book), it is a very good read for those running businesses in SL.

For those of you who haven’t picked the book up yet or have little clue about the book, and missed the West Coast release parties, on Sunday, November 18th, there will be an in world release party at the dAlliez Sim. Here Daniel will talk about the book, you can meet him, and the first 50 people to appear and ask Daniel for a special gift will receive one! The event starts at 12pm PDT (that’s 3pm Eastern). See you there!

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