Event: CSI:NY Dance Party (November 15th, 2007)

Every ounce in my body wants to write “Nexeus Fatale vs. DJ DoubleDown – Second Life Top DJ’s Duel in CSI!” But that would be too drama filled and well not correct. As Torrid detailed this event to me, “[it’s] kind of a DJ battle without the battle :P.”

Regardless, this Thursday is getting a nice treat as a dance party, starting at 7pm PDT (10pm for us on the East Coast), DJ DoubleDown and myself will be taking over CSI:NY each bringing our own flavor and style to the investigative scene! I’ll be over on CSINY North 1, as DoubleDown will be over on SCINY North 2 and SCINY South 1.

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  1. LOLOLOL!!! Lets do it with gunz blazing! haha, im all for writing vs. and makin it a vs without the drama and the battle. hahaha. still very cool anyway!
    but you have to write:

    Nexeus Fatale vs. Agent DJ Doubledown Tandino, Professional Chalk Outline Guy

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