Event: CSI:NY Dance Party (November 29th, 2007)

I think the detectives and criminals like having me around at the Virtual CSI:NY, mainly because the detectives take time off and dance to some crazy beats, and the criminals… do pretty much the same thing. Regardless I’ll be over at Virtual CSI:NY on Thursday from 7pm to 9pm SLT (10pm – Midnight Eastern), playing just about what you want to hear (although I’m thinking of sticking to a crime/cop thing this time around… we’ll see.) Most importantly, the festivities will happen at the new Virtual CSI:NY Club RANDOM (SLURL)! It looks awesome, it’s fairly big, which means that everyone can come, hang, and party their butt off!

Event Details
Event Name: Virtual CSI:NY Weekly Dance Party
Event Type: Dance Party
Date: November 29th, 2007
Location: CSINY North 01 (SLURL)

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