How to DJ with Winamp

Work has resumed on the Online DJ wiki (which has had many pitfalls of late). I’ve just finished a quick tutorial on how to DJ using Winamp, thanks in part to many people asking for such a tutorial (it is available here) This is a very simple, step by step set up tutorial on how to DJ with audio files and a microphone. More advanced topics (such as adding using outside sound equipment or sources) will be added at a later date.

The tutorial assumes that you understand basic Winamp operations (play, stop, pause, next track), it also makes the assumption that you are not using a USB headset. I highly recommend using a headset that operates with audio jacks to plug directly into your soundcard (something like the Plantronics Multimedia Headset) or obtaining a standalone microphone.

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  1. Thanks for breaking it down, Nexeus.
    One thing I can't seem to do is use 2 Winamps while I'm streaming; I'd love to hit the next track while the 1st track is ending. But the 2nd Winamp won't connect to the stream…perhaps I'm missing something.
    Is is possible to have 2 Shoutcast DSPs going?

  2. This is a really great question Garrett. The short answer is no. Here's a bit of the "dilemma" or issues with attempting to run two Winamp's while streaming. The first is that you are not streaming from both Winamps, instead you need to be able to run multiple instances of Winamp and you need to make sure that your second instance is streaming (you could do it the opposite way as well, but…). The reason you want to do this is because with your first instance you want to disable the SHOUTcast source, so that when you load Winamp again, it is using the preferences saved from the last (second) instance rather than the first.

    Second, the way I described it in the tutorial any sound that passes through your system will be streamed by the one source. SO if you want to play two tracks on top of each other, use the second instance of Winamp as your "main" or your primary player, and the first instance of Winamp as your secondary player. Anything played in either instance will be streamed, BUT, keep in mind they may clash with volume levels (if the volume is too high on a song in the secondary player, it may really interfere with the primary player).

    Now the reason you’re not able to connect with the second instance of Winamp is because the first instance of Winamp is already connected and you cannot have multiple IN connections.

    To be honest though, if you really going for this sort of multi-deck/track DJing you may want to search for a cross fader plugin or use something along the lines of SAM Broadcaster. There's some great stuff you could do with multiple instances of Winamp, but it really becomes taxing on your system.

  3. Doodles Milos says:

    When I press Open Mixer, the play control and recording control windows never pop open. What gives? Am I missing something? Does it have anything (or everything) to do with my Vista OS?

  4. I know I sent you an e-mail about the Doodles, but I wanted to post a more public response to you for public viewing.

    I've never heard of this not working with Windows Vista. It could be something up with your Vista permission, but I've never heard of this being an issue, you may have to manually enter your Vista sound settings through the control panel.

    I will though investigate the issue to see if I can't find a better solution.

  5. Sham says:

    Thanks for the information but you didn't mention about the settings requiered to open the mixer!

  6. I may need to make that clearer – your right I kinda skim over it! Thanks for the feedback!

  7. Reenie says:

    I know there are alot of different ways people DJ I do use the usb microphone is a bit of a pain but i like the quality better the way i get around it I use the winamp setting to play music and open sound card just to speak …if this helps ….

  8. Reenie says:

    has a DJ with Vista who cant get the input tab to work any ideas??

  9. I've had similar problems, I describe them here:

  10. jonah says:

    I use winamp to dj by fading songs in and out and it works nicely. The problem i have is sometimes playing the same song twice by mistake. Is there any way to change the colour of the song in the playlist once it has been played or another option? any help would be appreciated, thx!

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