Uplifto Underground

About a month ago Robert Zorin over at Second Moscow made me aware of an event that took place called Uplifto Underground which featured DJ Rust. I wanted to see some of the video and after effects of the event and it looks pretty cool! DJ Rust paired up with a group of other DJs to perform an event in City Club in Moscow and the virtual representation in Second Life. As for that cool video I mentioned, it was also featured on a new Russian based television website called Made In Russia TV and you can check out their coverage of the event. Second Moscow also has coverage (here is the English Translation). Uplifto Underground is going to continue on, as Uplifto Underground 3 occurred on November 23rd, 2007 and I hope there will be a 4th (especially in Second Life).

Now if you don’t know who DJ Rust is, there’s tons of places to get information on him, you can visit Uplifto Undergrounds bio on him, check out KGBeats, or his MySpace. For you Chicago-ans your in for a treat, although Rust is from Moscow he currently lives and plays in Chicago (would have been cool to have him at the last SLCC!)

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