apex-high studio. $L 10k ASpiRE! Radio Contest

We at apex-high studio. have just launched a $L 10k ASpiRE! Radio Contest in honor of their launch. The contest is pretty cool, 3 winners will get to have their audio creativity placed as a part of ASpiRE! Radio (which has just launched over the weekend) on all shows and playlists and there’s money involved. All you have to do is create a 10 – 15 Second station ID/advertisement for ASpiRE! Radio and it will be played throughout the day, during shows, and with your name in the station ID line (click here for an example). Use your own creativity and the first prize winner can win $L 5k, second place $L 3k, and last place $L 2k. You will also be a permanent fixture of ASpiRE! Radio as your work will be a part of the permanent fixture of all programming.

You can read the full description of the contest on the apex-high studio website (www.apexhighstudio.com)

DISCLAIMER: if your wondering apex-high studio. is a group that I’ve started an run, and yes apex-high studio. acts as the technical supervisor and stream management team for ASpiRE! Radio.

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