Create your own track at SLCC ’08

Second Life Community Convention 2008
Since the end of SLCC ’07, one comment that the Future United, Inc board consistently received was the want to become more involved, and to organize specific tracks. Hearing the concern Randal Moss (the executive director) came up with this great idea, rather than having two days of super-huge mega tracks, why not create mini-tracks that the residents ran… essentially handing organizing a track and the track-leader responsibilities to the Second Life Community. That is exactly what we have done with the 2008 Second Life Community Convention, you have the power to decide the content of the 2008 Second Life Community Convention. Residents are now able to create and submit their RFP’s for mini-tracks for the 2008 Second Life Community Convention in Tampa, FL. All of the instructions, e-mails, and additional information are included. The deadline for submitting your RFP is January 11th, 2008!

I can’t wait to see some of the great ideas that you guys come up with! To take from Snap! “I’ve got the power!”, and yes you the Second Life Community now have the power.

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