Event: Second Life Secret Santa (December 20th, 2007)

Phil’s Supermarket and Kraft Foods are sponsoring the Second Life Secret Santa on Food Island in Second Life. The event works in a really cool way, you are able to drop free, transferable items to SantaClaus Criss and if you attend the party on December 20th, 2007 at 5pm PST/SLT (or 8pm EST) you will receive a gift that was submitted to StantaClaus Criss.

Along with the event I’ll be DJing the festivities, as the event starts at 5pm PST and ends at 7pm PST (or for you East Coasters, that 8 to 10pm EST). There’s also a free Santa Claus avatar you can pick up before the events get started over at Food Island Food Island. Questions, concerns, just send a message over to Pica Paperdoll and she’ll be happy to answer them!

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