NF Mix Podcast – 12/12/07

UPDATE: This podcast episode has been moved to:

Finally a second Episode of the NF Mix Podcast! This podcast is a mix of music that I have chosen and features independent artists and people who I like. This episode is a very special one and is a live hour recording from the No. 7 Presents A Night with Nexeus Fatale – In Support of Breast Cancer Care Event on December 12th, 2007 in conjunction with No. 7 Salon, Rivers Run Red and various Second Life musicians.

Musician list and those who donated are below:


Those people who donated Linden throughout the event:

  • Eskobar Wachmann
  • Eleanor Enoch
  • Joja Dhara
  • Hoth Deli
  • Shannon Essex
  • Stefy Canning
  • CrystalBi Ellils
  • willuloveme Tomorrow

I think you for your participation and donation to helping breast cancer!

Music from this mix features:

  1. Kori Carothers – Soaring [Synth Mix]
    Available at:
  2. Kourosh Dini – Conversion
    Available at: | Purchase the CD at CDBaby
  3. Burial – Ghost Hardware
    Download Ghost Hardware (mp3) Buy at Amazon
  4. Stephanie Cooke – It’s X-Mas
    Download It’s X-Mas (mp3) Buy at iTunes Music Store
  5. Morgan Page & DG – She’s Crazy
    Download She’s Crazy (mp3) Buy at iTunes Music Store
  6. Cristian Paduraru – Unconditional Giving (DJ-Friendly Mastering)
    Download Unconditional Giving (mp3) Buy at Amazon
  7. Ekala – Tochka
    Download Tochka (mp3) Buy at Amazon
  8. Stu Hirst – Shimer
    Download Shimer (mp3) Buy at Amazon
  9. Exit 59 – A Reason 2 Live (Electro Mix)
    Download A Reason 2 Live (mp3) | More On This Album
  10. Cristian Paduraru – Walk In The Light (DJ-Friendly Mastering)
    Download Walk In The Light (mp3) | Buy at Amazon
  11. Cevin Fisher – New York New York (Original Nitegrooves Mix)
    Download New York New York (mp3) | Buy at Amazon
  12. Silvano feat.Giuseppe Albrizio – Choose the bass (original)
    Download Choose the bass (mp3) | Buy at iTunes Music Store
  13. Kourosh Dini – Quickening/Nova
    Available at | Purchase the CD at CDBaby
  14. Djai Skjellerup – Make Me Feel Belong
    Available at
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