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It is really hard to determine how good a song is if you have never listened to it from beginning to end. It can also be hard to find that song that your friend told you about but is positive it was an ODB song. While some services like Pandora and are helpful for discovering new music, a new music search engine, Songza, beats them for searching for music from your favorite or artists you’ve never heard of.

Songza is a music search engine that allows yout to search for an artist, song, and listen to the entire song. You can make also playlist, share music and link directly to music, (for instance check out Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s Hippa to Da Hoppa –, or embed songs on to your site (check below).

While Songza is a great tool for audiophile’s and DJ’s like myself, it lacks in one very important department, playlist sharing. It’s great that I can share my music with friends, watch the video on YouTube, but it sucks that I can create a playlist and NOT share it with my friends or even embed it onto my site (right now I’m listening to my Ol’ Dirty Bastard “Dirty” Playlist). What also is disappointing is there’s not an option to look for new songs. Songza initially gives you 25 results and that’s it (that’s very disappointing). I’ve begun to use Songza to listen to music before purchasing it or listen to new songs before considering using them, but it is not really helpful in discovering new music. While it is a great tool it’s not a replacement for the Billboard Top Hits list or Google Music Tends but unlike or Pandora its selection seems pretty limitless.

(ps. Here’s one of my favorite songs that features O.D.B. , it is Mariah Carey – Fantasy [Remix] feat. ODB)

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