DJing Tip & Trick: While DJing in Second Life, turn down or off EAX

Usually I DJ with two computer systems in Second Life, one system to run Second Life another to run my streaming software and play music. The system I used to DJ with was old, and I had to do the equivalent of euthanasia, sell it on craigslist. I’ve moved my operation to one system that would run both Second Life and Winamp at the same time, but an odd problem developed. When I first started to do this, my voice echoed and causing me to sound like Darth Vader (LUUUUKE *heavy breathing* I AM YOUR DEEEEJAAAAAY!) After I’ve exhausted all of my Star Wars jokes (Han Mono, Chewaac+aka, DJ Vader), the problem was quite annoying and but strangely only occurred when Second Life was running. I initially thought the problem lied with the fact that Second Life voice capabilities amplified the incoming sound, because only my voice was echoing, music played just fine. I was wrong.

I realized the problem lied with the settings on my sound card, namely the EAX feature. EAX stands for environmental audio extensions and primarily used in most entertainment software such as games and DVD players. Second Life taps into this feature and if turned on, sound that comes through one’s system gets echoed. Without explaining it any further, to resolve this issue (and to stop sounding like a very bad Star Wars movie), you need to turn it off. While every soundcard and their software are different, most soundcards include an Audio Console. In the Audio Console, find the EAX feature, sometimes it is a tab, other times it is labeled as “Sound Card Effects” or some sort. Within this area, either turn off EAX, select “No Effects” or turn down the effects amount slider (again how this is done depends on type of sound card that you have). After that, viola, you should sound like your normal self.

Now if you ARE looking for some cool effects, turn EAX on and fool around with it, there are some cool things you can do (including some crazy voice modulation tricks). A friend of mine, DJ Meenstreek over at GSP has become quite known for such antics.

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