Friday Humor: Bill Gates Last Day with Microsoft

I have never been a huge Microsoft fan. I stared out with an IBM PS/2 and a Macintosh LC. I liked the Mac better (and still do), but we live in a PC world. If you think about it, the things (regardless of how right or wrong you think they are) that Bill Gates did, has shaped the industry for more good than bad. Windows has set a standard for computing, Office is the software program that you really can’t live without, and Windows Live is a great addition to the gaming world. If you think about it, compared to *nix, Microsoft’s dominance has enabled people to communicate, work, and live with each other on a very familiar and common platform. Regardless of your opinion, Bill Gates is the architect of providing a “stable” (and I use that term loosely) platform for computing (he even helped right Apple’s ship at one point.)

So now, Bill Gates is coming upon his last day, and a cool video at CES was shown as a “possible” what will happen… and it’s hilarious! I think that they SHOULD remake the Matrix and rather than Keanu Reeves, have Bill Gates play Neo (it makes a LOT more sense that way). If you want to see a better quality version of the video, head over to this post on Gizmodo!

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