I shout, you shout, we all Outshouts.com

I was recently told about a new voice social network called Outshouts.com, that was launched just under a month ago. Outshouts is a combination of voice and music (think Utterz meets last.fm meets pownce), you call or record a message, upload a song, and then send it to anyone or a group of people that you like. This is a really cool way to send personal messages from one person to another, imagine getting a holiday greeting from a friend with a cool personal message and a great song attached to it! For artists, musicians and DJ’s, (including you Second Life’ers) this is a cool way to promote, preview or release new music!

If you’re worried about getting in trouble for posting, say, your favorite Rhianna song, don’t be. Outshouts has it covered. The first three listeners to your outshout will hear your entire message and song in its entirety, everyone else will hear your full message and then 30 seconds of the song that you choose. For music that you’ve created, owned, or have permission to use (say through Creative Commons, or promonet) there is an option for you to remove the 3 full song restrictions when you upload a song. If you’re worried about having to royalties, outshouts also have that covered!

While the message recording aspect may seem a bit clunky (you can’t record an mp3 message and upload it), the service is very useful for all sorts of reasons, from promotion to something a bit more personal. If you are a Second Life artist, you may want to take a close look at this service.

Check out my outshout (which got nominated as the Outshout of the week! YAY!), and I’ll be outshouting very soon!

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