Orange Presents: Geekend! (Janurary 25th, 2008)

Geekland Invitation

I’ve been asked by my good friend Jade Lilly, to DJ a wind-down dance party after a great day of sharing ideas and discussions during Orange Island’s Geekend. The party begins at 3pm PST on the Orange Island in Second Life

But what is What’s Geekend?

On January 25-26, Orange Island will host a series of lectures, discussions, and workshops on tech and development oriented topics. Sessions range from expert-led discussions to hands-on workshops where participants will learn and apply a skill or technique. Topics include the future of virtual world scalability, secure LSL communication, peer to peer virtual worlds, and libsl bots. As always, we invite all residents to come be a part of our events, and look forward to making new connections and new friends.

Lectures and discussions will take place from 10am – 3pm on Friday January 25, and workshops and classes will be held from 10am – 3pm on Saturday, January 26. For more information and session specifics, please visit the Orange Island blog and calendar at Space for some sessions may be limited; check with Jade Lily ( to reserve your space if necessary.

Geekend Schedule

Friday January 25

8am SLT – Solipsis – Romain Peigay – Orange Lab – Solipsis [] is a platform for a massive multi-participant user-generated virtual world. It relies on a peer-to-peer architecture that makes scalability its main characteristic: the universe may be inhabited by an unlimited number of participants. As there is no central authority, the virtual universe is by definition public and the inhabitants’ freedom and world-builders and developers’ imagination are boundless.

10am SLT – Massively Scalable Virtual Worlds – John Plevyak, PhD – Metaversatility – Scalability and distributed computing expert John Plevyak will give a talk on the future of virtual worlds and scalability, envisioning a future where thousands of avatars can be co-present.

11:30am SLT – Amazon Web Services – Jeff Barr – – Amazon Web Services evangelist Jeff Barr (SL: Jeffronius Batra) will give a presentation on AWS and how they can be used in virtual worlds. This presentation will cover several examples and utilize 3D data modeling.

1pm SLT – Game Development in SL – Digi Vox, Cory Edo, NeoBokrug Elytis – Electric Sheep Company – These experienced Second Life game developers will discuss the games they created for corporate projects CSI:NY, Smoking Aces, and I Am Legend and the challenges they faced during the development process.

2pm SLT – The SL Grid – Zha Ewry – Architecture Working Group – The Architecture Working Group’s mission is to develop the protocols that will open up the Second Life Grid from something operated solely by Linden Lab to where others can run parts of the grid. Zha Ewry will talk about the progress and future goals of the group.

3pm SLT – Geekend Celebration – feat DJ Nexeus Fatale – Enjoy a wind-down dance party after a great day of sharing ideas and discussions during Orange Island’s Geekend.

Saturday January 26

10am SLT – Master Class: Secure Communications in SL – Gigs Taggart – GT Enterprises – In this workshop you will learn techniques to secure LSL communications. Topics will include authentication and integrity of link messages, chat, and HTTP communications. (Space limited – preregister with Jade Lily ( )

12pm SLT – Build a Bot – Dirty McLean – libsl – Learn and apply basic C# and libsecondlife concepts to create a bot! In this workshop, Dirty McLean will walk you through the basic steps required to create a libsecondlife “bot” client, and introduce some ideas for putting these concepts to use. (Space limited – preregister with Jade Lily:

2pm SLT – 1, 2, 3s of Particles – Course Materials from Particle Workshop – Learn the basics of particle creation and interactions in this guided workshop. Participants will create a particle emitter, learn how to remove particles, and build a firm understanding of particles.

This looks like a very interesting and series of schedules and topics of popular interest! For more information I would shoot Jade Lily a message ( or check out the Orange Island website.

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