Separation of State

The first month of January is just about half-way through and I’ve had a very interesting ride so far. It’s interesting to see what has happened in the past half-month and how much I do (or don’t do.) The mental part of me feels inundated with projects, ideas, thoughts, while the physical part seems to attempt to keep up and stumbles just a wee bit. Managing social networks and virtual worlds has become more difficult than I thought. There is a pro and con to having a twitter, pownce, and a jaiku but all at what cost? Sure someone can have a MySpace, a Facebook, and an Iminlikewithyou, but why? Second Life is great but many of us also have a WoW account and hang around in or Kaneva. The one lesson I’ve learned in the short half-a-month is that need to be everywhere doesn’t work to well, while some social applications are great, do you really need a Pandora and These tools are great but what you do with them that what makes it even more interesting.

My virtual and real lives have always been connected at the hip. Both are one in the same, although I respond to both my real name and Nexeus. I’m beginning to realize that while it is great to be open about one’s real and virtual life some separation is needed. There are topics I can dwelve into as Nexeus but not under my real name and vice versa. I’m also realizing that this does not apply to just my virtual and real life identities but also of the projects that deal with. Some of the things I do personally and collaboratively has always been housed under one umbrella, but it is time for me to separate these two things for greater flexibility and less confusion.

With all of that said, the following things are going to happen; the items sell under the name apex-high studio. are going to be separated within a month and rebranded under the brand name [nf_D]. As well, I’m immediately discounting many of the older items under the apex-high studio. name before removing them. Many will reappear as updates under the new [nf_d] brand. apex-high studio. will remain (it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.)

As for myself, there will be a slight separation between avatar and the real world me. This includes changing social network profiles, connections and information. I won’t hide from one or the other, but those involved in my real life don’t necessarily wish to be involved in my virtual life and the opposite is very true. I’ve begun to think of this in the same way a person has a distinction between their professional and personal life. While both worlds encompasses who they are, their friends necessarily don’t want to hear about what is going on at work, and their co-workers don’t really want to hear about what is going on with your best friend from High School. Those happen on a more personal, one-to-one level, which I’ll never abandon.
My two worlds of Nexeus and my real self will always merge into each other, but they don’t always have to be the same things all of the time.

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  1. Alex says:

    Hi, Nexeus
    Thank you so very much for this post. You described in your own words what we are working on these days. 🙂 We call it for ourselves 'context identities' (way too technical though), probably 'personas' would be better… 'Avatar' – is something different, it's about representation… Maybe you suggest a good word? 🙂

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