H&R Block Returns to Second Life for the 2008 Tax Season

SL Snapshot - HR Block Office

The 2008 Tax Season has begun and H&R Block is providing tax advice in Second Life once again. H&R Block will have advisor’s in Second Life taking any of your tax questions, for free (take a look at my experience last year.) This year BCreative Wilde and I will be taking over Tuesday’s and Thursday’s with parties at the H&R Block Island in Second Life throughout February and April. In March, there will only be Tax Advising hours on Tuesday and Thursday. If you can’t make a Tuesday and Thursday session, you can visit the H&R Block Office In Second Life (see picture above) and e-mail and send an e-mail to a tax advisor with your question! While you are there, you can check out the weekly video by Truman Greene (H&R Block’s #1 fan) or pick up some Tango Freebies (tango is H&R Block’s new web service, you can learn more about Tango at the H&R Block Sim or through Common Craft).

The H&R Block 2008 Tax Season Parties will happen every Tuesday (with me) and Thursday (with BCreative Wilde) in February and April from 5:30pm to 7:30pm Pacific (8:30pm – 10:30pm Eastern) at the H&R Block Ballroom. Tax advisor’s will be on hand from 6pm – 7pm Pacific (9pm – 10pm Eastern) every Tuesday and Thursday February, March and April until April 15th.

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