Nexeus Fatale Events for the Week of 2/11/08

H&R Block Disco Party 05

2/12/08 – H&R Block 2008 Tax Season Party: H&R Block Comes into Second Life providing Tax Advice and Parties! From 5:30pm – 7:30pm PDT I’ll be Djing while Tax Advice will be available from 6 – 7pm. And guess what, it’s free at H&R Block Island.

2/14/08 – Thursday Night Party at Virtual CSI:NY: Its Valentine’s Day at CSI:NY and it’s time to celebrate with great V-Day music. The usual Thursday Night Party will have a Valentines Day theme. Come dressed up in appropriate colors or just come for some great music, appropriate for the special day. The begins at 7pm PDT at CSI:NY.

2/15/08 – Friday Night Dance Party at The L Word in Second Life: The day after Valentine’s day is either a good or bad! Let’s celebrate your wonderful (or not so wonderful) after Valentine’s day with your significant other (or have stories to tell about your used to be significant other). The party begins at 5pm PDT at The L Word.

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