Nexeus Fatale Events for the Week of 2/18/08

Thursday Night 12-27-07 01

2/19/08 – H&R Block 2008 Tax Season Party: H&R Block continues to provide tax advice in Second Life with tax advisors for free! Great music, discussion, and dancing at the ball room, free items, and free tax-advice (we also ask some silly tax questions!). The event begins at 5:30pm PST (8:30pm EST), and the tax-advice begins at 6pm PST (9pm EST) at The H&R Block Island.

2/21/08 – Thursday Night Party at Virtual CSI:NY: The writers’ strike has stopped! Which means that new CSI:NY episodes are on the way. The CSI:NY experience hasn’t stopped in Second Life at the Virtual CSI:NY and not on Thursday nights at Club Random. Join in the entertainment at 7pm PST (10pm EST) Virtual CSI:NY.

2/22/08 – Friday Night Party at The L Word in Second Life: There has been much that has happened throughout the season already! The girls on The L Word have burned things, fought things, and pretty much picked up all of the action from the last season. Season 5 is turning to be a great season, and we’ll talk about it, including my thoughts up to this point. Join the festivities at 5pm PST (8pm EST) at The L Word in Second Life.

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