Help Name That Kitten!

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This is an unusual post for me, but we are going to have fun today!  I had a long day today mainly revolved around animals.  Today, I got an early birthday gift though, my own kitten!  I’ve always have wanted a cat, and now, unexpectedly, I have a black male kitten!!  To say that I’m thrilled, excited and overjoyed is an understatement!  I’m going out of my mind!!!  I wish I could have filmed my reaction because I just went NUTS (and damn near was about to cry!)  I never, ever, expected to have a kitten anytime soon.  BUT I have a problem!  I have NO clue what to name it!  So, I’m going to do this the social media way; help me name the new kitten!  Yes, post comments, as name suggestions and I’ll pick one (if I like them!)  Some suggestions I’ve received are:

  • Midnight
  • Snowball
  • Naz-Ztallicaparkprodigybrotherstiestooakenfoldcox (from my favorite music artists: Naz, Jay-Z, Metallica, Linkin Park, The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Oakenfold, Tiesto, and Carl Cox!)
  • [Added] Linden, LOL, iCat, Linus, Nex Jr. from Tamara

As for the kitten, he is two months old, a he, and even has a microchip inside of him (how very new tech – the chip is so he can be tracked if he is ever lost!)  Feel free to comment below, or to check more pictures of the kitten getting comfortable!

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16 Responses to Help Name That Kitten!

  1. Tamara Kirshner says:


  2. lordfly says:

    Kitty 2.0 😛

  3. How about Lowell, after the astronomer who got the Dog Star named after him? :PL

  4. Malarwen says:

    Imp, Impy, 8ball, Asphalt, Black Olive, Ebony, Jet Black, Witch

  5. Chelle says:

    DJay, DJ, DeeJ, DeeJay…. do I really need to go further with this? lol

  6. My hit was Shadoë

    How odd is that?


  7. So then, I'm thinking, wtf where did that come from. And I must be subconciously conflating black kittens and DJs…


  8. Vertigo Paris says:


  9. Trinity Serpentine says:

    Negro or Negrito. (spanish for black or lil black)
    Frijolito. (little bean)

  10. @Lordfly: made me laugh, but do I want to suddenly get popup's when I call him?
    @Sophrosyne: In some weird way that's calling a cat a dog a person ^.^ I really like the name, but I'm sure the cat is going to have issues!
    @Malarwen: I called the cat "you little imp" as it slept on my back last night. That may work
    @Chelle: Yes you do! You forgot D-Jay! Or Djay-Z! Maybe I'll just call it Kov (kitty hov?)
    @Kat: But wouldn't that mean I'm calling you?!
    @Shava: Ohhhhhhh, now if I can only pronounce that!
    @Vertigo: i suddenly want to "mine" my cat to make some obsideion bars (wow joke).
    @Trinity: Negrito sounds really cool!

    Thanks everyone, keep the suggestions coming! I'll let everyone know about the name!

  11. Obsidian is fabulous! Call him Obie for short. lol

    I donno… I usually go for unusual names rather than "Midnight". I mean honestly, how many black cats are out there named Midnight. Pft

    Consider "Letatio". It is Latin for "joy". Letto would work for short I suppose. Seems appropriate given he's brought so much joy into your life!

    Or, consider my favourite: "Lemiscus". Means "ribbon". 😉

  12. TheDiva says:

    Call him Judo – then when he is bad you can say *Judo-No!* cause it sounds funneh!

  13. @TheDiva That made me laugh… hehe Judo! 😀

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