Meet Morpheus, the Kitty!

cat in chair

In more unimportant news unrelated to Second Life and adding to the noise of Second Life chatter, I’ve previously mentioned that I have a new kitten (YAY!) Well thanks to the many suggestions from friends, I’ve settled with Morpheus. Yes I’m using The Matrix spelling of Lawrence Fishborne’s character in the movie, and yes I’m a huge fan, but the name definitely felt appropriate. Morpheus, in Greek and Roman literature is the God of Sleep more specifically (as defined by Wikipedia – yes I know Wikipedia isn’t 100% correct but…) “images of humans in dreams or visions, and is responsible for shaping dreams, or giving shape to the beings which inhabit dreams.” I want to thank Tamara Kirshner, lordfly, Sophrosyne Stenvaag, Malarwen, Chelle, Kat, Shava Nerad, Vertigo Paris, Trinity Serpentine, Ribbons Whitfield, and TheDiva. For those who are interested the runner up in names was Shadoë, Lowell or Juno.

Hey at least I didn’t become the billionth person to talk about the job change of Phillip Linden (which I think is a really good move for him.)

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5 Responses to Meet Morpheus, the Kitty!

  1. Kat says:

    good name choice. That cat is a bad ass! and yet, oddly adorable at the same time …

  2. I'm waiting for the moment where the cat begins to hand me blue and red pills.

  3. You could always give him the full name of Morpheus Shadoe Lowell Juno, for when he gets into deep deep trouble? 🙂

  4. In second life, I'll take the blue bill. Escaping it only leads me back to the truth that there is no spoon. I know there is no spoon, but I want to believe in it.

    Anyhow, nice name. Have you considered reading teh holiez bibul of the ceiling cat to him?

  5. We've just finished reading the first chapter of genesis 😀

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