New SLCC Website and Address!

I’ve been very quite the past week because of the Second Life Community Convention.  This month my major task was to transfer the Second Life Community Convention website from its previous address ( to its new web address (  This task included making sure all of the previous content was intact, a new design was created, and it would be stable.  While the first question was easy (use the self-host version of wordpress), the rest required some additional help from my good friend FlipperPA Peregrine.  Creating the new design and migrating the website has been a project that has gotten me really excited for the past few days, mainly because following the new site comes the a huge exciting step in conference planning!  I’m always excited when working on a new web project; I really get to implement my love for design and my passion for code into one harmonious working project.  The downfall on working on a project like this is that even more of my time is spent outside of Second Life working on a Second Life project (which is weird.)  I always feel very disconnected when I’m not in Second Life for a few days and such has been the case.   It’s even worse when I haven’t blogged in a few days (such as now!)

Anyway, the new website and design is only one of the two big SLCC things that is going on.  The other requires some testing!  Remember to keep up to date on all of the SLCC happenings at the new address,

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