NF Events for the Week of March 10th, 2008

Hulahoop Dance at The L Word


3/13/08 – Thursday Night Party at Virtual CSI:NY: The Thursday before St. Patrick’s day means that the party is only beginning!  With weeks away from new CSI:NY episodes, things are only heating up!  I expect to see Club Random decked in green, but you never know!  The party begins at 7pm PST (10pm EST) at Virtual CSI:NY.

3/14/08 – Friday Night Party at The L Word in Second Life: It’s Friday night before St. Patrick’s day (it’s been moved FROM the 17th to the 15th!  How could they?!)  Two more episodes left for this season and if you add the craziness that usually happens during St. Patrick’s Day, results will be varied.  The party begins at 5pm PST (8pm EST) at The L Word in Second Life.

3/15/08 – St. Patrick’s Day (Officially): I’m not doing an event on St. Patrick’s Day (one of my favorite holidays).  But I felt like it was worth mentioning this years St. Patrick’s controversy.  The day, was moved from the 17th, to the 15th because of the controversy over the Holy Week.  I’m quite sure that everyone is still going to observe the 17th as St. Patrick’s Day – but if you get Monday off, you can have a full 3 days of full fledge luck of the Irish!

3/16/08 – Nexeus Fatale Day: Yes, it has been approved I have my own day!  It’s March 16th of every year.  Legend has it that once a year on this day, I turn a year older.  I contend that things just turn more awesome!  While there’s no event (planned yet), if you are in NYC, there may be something brewing for this weekend (more details tomorrow!)  Whooo!

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