Second Skin Original Score


With the success that the guys over at Pure West Documentaries have been having with Second Skin at SXSW (I wish I was there!), it felt appropriate for me to talk about the music of the film.  While I haven’t seen the film yet, I felt to keep up with all of the excitement, I would indulge myself with the original motion picture soundtrack to Second Skin now available for download.   The composer, David Gregory Byrne, captures the essence of MMO’s with very epic tracks that feel as if it belongs in World of Warcraft, Everquest or any other MMORPG (for you WoW players this means grab a copy of the Soundtrack Add-In.)  Most of the tracks are less than a minute long but there are some pure gems such as Track 7 – "Back in the Game".  You may recognize it if you watch most of the Second Skin action of SXSW on YouTube.  Now that the world has seen it I can’t wait to see the film myself.  Congratulations hermanos!  Good work!

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