Radio! Nexeus (beta testing)

One of my goals is to have a radio station, nothing like RadioRadio or Gridstream Productions, but my own station where I’m in charge of the content, the material, and it be the same stream that I do my live gigs on. Some time ago I launched NF Radio, which failed miserably (for many reasons.)

Well the past is the past and I’m starting it all over again.  Radio! Nexeus is currently in beta – which means I’m fooling around with the content.  For your hip-hop enthusiaists, I currently have a large selection of hip-hop being played as my initial test.  I’m encouraging everyone to tune in by going to (this address will change post beta).  Feel free to contact me to submit any questions, comments, or if you are an artist and would like to have your music featured on Radio! Nexeus.

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