“Explode” by Tay Zonday

If the name Tay Zonday doesn’t sound familiar to you, you may know the song that sprung him to Internet Fame, Chocolate Rain.  He released a video for his new song, “Explode”.  Ignoring any of comedic spoofs on Tay, he’s a very talented musician.  His music lies between Ronald Jenkees and MC Frontalot.  His music is soulful, fun, upbeat while at the same time calls out to the techies, geek’s and nerds out there.  It’s not Nerdcore, more like Nerdsoul.  You can check out his other songs on tayzonday.com including my favorite “Do The Can’t Dance.”

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2 Responses to “Explode” by Tay Zonday

  1. tayfan2 says:

    Tay Zonday is a talented man. Don't forget that the Chocolate Rain: Benefit Power album is out to celebrate the one year anniversary of Chocolate Rain. http://www.playtay.com
    The songs are selling like mad. We never know what he'll do next. He has a HUGE internet audience. Not too many people can say that they are a self-taught singer, song writer, and keyboardist and have gotten this far.

  2. I'm definitely going to check more about him. I really did not realize his reach until I did some research for the post and wow, I'm impressed.

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