My new approach to Second Life

If anyone has wondered why I’ve been very silent of late, it is for good reason. Along with the planning of the 2008 Second Life Community Convention (registration is now open for everyone!), creating new products under a different brand name, and still maintaining a full and active DJing schedule, I’ve been planning some changes to how I conduct myself in Second Life. A lot has happened in the last few months causing a change in my approach. Along with the economic struggles, those whom are usually positive about Second Life are beginning to change their mind, either by scaling down their services or having abandoned it completely. Some of my fears have begun to be realized when Pontiac and AOL first began to pull out of Second Life.

I’m not one of these people. I still believe heavily in the promise, advancement, and development of Second Life. While I can comment on other people’s decisions, every company, group and individual has to do what is best for their interests. Having said all of that I realize that there are some changes that I have to make myself.

The first change is creating a more distinct voice; this website has been my playground, I’ve created different designs, talked about several different topics, almost to the point where I’ve clouded my message. So, it’s time to streamline. This is my website/blog thing, and I will return to discussing my virtual, real and personal life, my thoughts of Second Life and all things virtual, and music that I’ve found interesting. Throughout the next month, I’ll be offloading the Art of DJing to a different site dedicated to just that, the Art of DJing. Along with that, the Online DJ WIki is entering its final stage of development. I’ve been writing all of the articles, playing with different software and configurations; all that is left is a bunch of editing!

The second change is through content creation. Along with being a DJ, I’m also a consultant; I build, script, and design. Through my content creation process, I’ve come across many frustrations, many of it includes reliable resources for new residents, reliable resources for content creation, and clear help for many questions for Second Life. In January Eloh Eliot shook the fashion world by releasing her skins for free. I liked her idea so much it sprouted a seed for a project I’ve been developing for the past few months. I plan to announce and release it within a matter of weeks. I plan to release it at the same time I release my new brand [nf_d] (which used to be called apex-high studio.) Many of the apex-high studio. Items are still for sale for just 10 linden on OnRez. By the end of the summer, most of them will not exist anymore (or exist in a very different form.) As a content creator, I feel that content should be accessible to everyone. While freebies are used primarily for marketing and promotional intentions, I would like to take it a bit further.

The third change has been something I have implemented several months ago. I’m best known as a DJ, I would like to think that I’m good at what I do. I’ve decided to change my approach to DJing. I perform two events a week that are open to sponsorships, this provides a marketing opportunity without needing to create, hire, and deal with a staff. As well, Radio! Nexeus, the stream that I DJ on and have a playlist on when I’m not DJing, will be leaving beta very soon. While I will keep it advertisement free (I don’t want to sell out that bad), I am open to artists, musicians, and additional music acts to submit music to be played on the station. I am still available to be hired for private events, club events, or a late night pajama party!

The last change is more of a personal approach. For some time I’ve felt disconnected from my audience. While I’ve always engaged, enjoyed participation with my crowds it does not seem to hold much after each gig. I’ve realized that I’ve done a very good job in keeping so many things separate for fears of it being inappropriate, needless, or pointless. Essentially I’ve censored myself (for some of you who listen to me on a weekly that may come as a shock!) How is a DJ, a musician able to maintain a relationship with their listeners, fan base, and friends if they are holding everything back? It’s impossible. I have not found the right combination of approaches (Another podcast? More use of Utterz? Something close?), but there will be more of a connection between my different worlds (Second Life, the real world, everything in between). One manifestation of this will happen in the middle of July. If you are in New York City, stay tuned!

If you’re a marketer, company, or something that’s looking for the answer in how to approach Second Life differently, I’m sorry to disappoint. One thing I’ve learned in all of my years of virtual worlds has been to be honest about yourself, your goals, and to create very clear goals. While I’ve lost track of some of these things, a good evaluation and some time to think will get you back on track.

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  1. I enjoyed reading your comments, especially about your change of focus. I am sorry when I hear people lose faith in what is and what can be our virtual reality of Second Life. While Garth and I have had to change our focus somewhat to remain competitive, we continue to work to give our residents a happy place to live.

    We decided early this year to place all our content in the 'free' zone. Everything that Garth and I had made and been selling since 2003. And as you may or not know he is quite prolific and varied in his building and scripting abilities!

  2. If you would, send me a landmark, it will fit in the projects idea.

    And yes, Garth is quite a prolific and varied builder and scripter I can confirm this.

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