Buddahead – The Ashes

A year ago, I was introduced to Buddahead through the virtualive.tv project. I was impressed and moved by the bands onstage performance and emotionally charged music that combines powerful chords, and soft melodic guitar all under the voice of their lead singer Raman Kia. Their second album  “Ashes” is a very dynamic album that displays the bands range from the emotional rollercoaster of Ruin to the light and acoustic Rescue Us, ending with the country inspired Story of Our Lives. From beginning to end their music is a moving tale of life’s trials and tribulations, that fans of Coldplay, U2, and We The Living would enjoy.  Their sound and music very moving, to the point where you will find yourself using their music as markings points for important life situations or to plot the movement of your day.

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  1. Raman says:

    Thanks Nex – you rock for this review. Let's do it again.


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