Pete Miser – Hit Me on My iPhone

The iPhone is quite possibly the best phone made, ever. Touch screen capability, plays music, interacts with iTunes, surfs the web, oh and it looks shiny. Like the iPod, the iPhone is a must have, unless you don’t feel like spending your immediate life’s savings on a phone and a plan that will bankrupt people faster than some of the banks due to subprime lending. This post, however is not about an iPhone, but about Pete Miser and his song “Hit Me on My iPhone”

Pete Miser is a half-Asian, half-White M.C./Producer/DJ born in New York City who’s toured with Dido, RUN D.M.C., and was the front man for 5 Fingers of Funk. He is heavily influenced by hip-hop and break beats. His song “Hit Me on My iPhone” not only represents that dynamic, but also pays homage to the iPhone. Although short, it is a really well put together song, especially if you have an iPhone.

You can get the song from Pete Miser’s website where you can either “steal it” or pay for it. If you pay, the money goes to the “Buy Merritt Duff An iPhone Foundation.” He’s the person who created the music video for the song.

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