Santogold’s Self Titled Album Review

Santogold - Santogold

I’ve become very critical of Rolling Stone. Since their proclamation of Lil Wayne as the best MC of 2008, I’ve found myself questioning most of their reviews and features. Santogold was one review that I was very critical of. Outside of RS, I’ve heard very good things about due to her ability to mesh many different style of music into one unique sound. While very talented, Santogold is the No Doubt of Indie Rock. This time the musical mix is that of Indie Rock, Pop, Caribbean, and Reggae. While Santogold is not very revolutionary (if anything it can be very repetitive), it is an amazing mix of music creating a new Ska like sound.

While I like Santogold, I am very conflicted about Santogold. The things that annoy me, many of the overused Lower East Side-like indie artist mannerisms and sound, I appreciate and feel that it is well composed in the music. I’m never one to discredit good mixtures of popular music, and I’m a very much a fan of No Doubt. I really enjoyed their music, felt it was very relevant of their time, and I feel the same about Santogold.

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